February 27, 2013

amme, can you make an orange dress?

"of course i can, little dear."

The idea was simple.. On the last thursday of every month, her class has a color dress day. This month, the color was orange.  She has no orange clothes. What can i do but make her one?

She chose the fabric, among the four(!) oranges i had.
she chose the design off the computer, because her mom is cool like that.

she waited patiently for me to measure her, but i used one of her existing dresses for measurement. (much easier tracing) wow! the skirt of that dress uses four times the fabric of the bodice! (wastage of perfectly good fabric.. grumble grumble.. but look how well it twirls.. mm hmm.. )

but amme, you did not use that blue thing! what? oh.. tape measure. so i act like i am taking a few measurements.  the satisfied customer runs away to watch Dora..

Then i cut out the skirt part,  traced the bodice off the other dress, made facing and things like that.. she said, amme, i want ties at the sides! hmm the customer is demanding, what can the tailor do.. cut off some length from the skirt portion, to make the sash. (Oh! but then, the skirt is too short! no worries, attach a handy dandy ruffled lace to the edge! see, no hemming, but end result looks like I went a few hundred extra miles!)

Then..creativity calls. Is the dress too orangey? Needs something.. (lightbulb) Why don't I use the flower lace I  have kept rolled up since I bought it five years ago?  (but then handstitching each of them... ) Why? just use a drop of fabric glue to attach them!

and ta da! a new dress is born. 

now to wait till she gets home, to try it on..
adding the results:

 One Happy Customer!

(be still, my heart. you know it is not so easy to make them so glad,  once they grow up!)

would you beleive that!

Monica of Happy Zombie sent me this veritable treasure trove of goodness  in the name of a swap. Monica, you have no idea how happy you have made me.. and even though i feel a bit bad about sending you only that one thing you requested,  i am so deliriously thankful for this box of generosity. (hugs)

(wanna know what i sent? here.)

February 7, 2013

a half circle dress with a tutorial

I made another one of my signature dresses. I call it my signature because, unlike every other dress i make, i have made this exact pattern four times.. all for this particular girl..  I made this pattern for the first time because she was too big ... one meter of cloth, the measure i always buy, is too little to make a dress for her,. she is ten years old.
but then, i cannot leave well enough alone. i am determined to make her some clothes out of easy wash-dry material, and the only fabric  i had on hand was one meter long.. so i decided to cut a half circle skirt.. and cut a bodice from the leftover. of course it is not wide enough to give a full bodice, I  had to scrimp and save to get that ruffle on the front.. but i made it!

this is the one dress that never sits in her shelf.. she wears it as soon as it is out of the wash.. very good that i made it with chiffon and satin.. it washes very well!


I do  not know exactly what is wrong with my search words, but i cannot seem to hit on a perfect tutorial for this one. maybe there is not one on the web yet? is that the universe's way of telling me i need to make my second(ever) tutorial?
the bodice is made like the front of this one,at mesewcrazy 
at .mesewcrazy.com

http://www.ikatbag.com/2009/07/summer-skirts-5-circular-skirt-and.htmland the skirt ... there is a handy dandy diagram over here at ikatbag
that shows how to make a circle/half circle skirt.. I attached the two.. the top is loose, no closures at all..  the whole dress takes one hour to make. not bad for a summer's worth of use.

edited to add: 
submitting this post to the make it wear it link party at the train to crazy.


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