February 7, 2013

a half circle dress with a tutorial

I made another one of my signature dresses. I call it my signature because, unlike every other dress i make, i have made this exact pattern four times.. all for this particular girl..  I made this pattern for the first time because she was too big ... one meter of cloth, the measure i always buy, is too little to make a dress for her,. she is ten years old.
but then, i cannot leave well enough alone. i am determined to make her some clothes out of easy wash-dry material, and the only fabric  i had on hand was one meter long.. so i decided to cut a half circle skirt.. and cut a bodice from the leftover. of course it is not wide enough to give a full bodice, I  had to scrimp and save to get that ruffle on the front.. but i made it!

this is the one dress that never sits in her shelf.. she wears it as soon as it is out of the wash.. very good that i made it with chiffon and satin.. it washes very well!


I do  not know exactly what is wrong with my search words, but i cannot seem to hit on a perfect tutorial for this one. maybe there is not one on the web yet? is that the universe's way of telling me i need to make my second(ever) tutorial?
the bodice is made like the front of this one,at mesewcrazy 
at .mesewcrazy.com

http://www.ikatbag.com/2009/07/summer-skirts-5-circular-skirt-and.htmland the skirt ... there is a handy dandy diagram over here at ikatbag
that shows how to make a circle/half circle skirt.. I attached the two.. the top is loose, no closures at all..  the whole dress takes one hour to make. not bad for a summer's worth of use.

edited to add: 
submitting this post to the make it wear it link party at the train to crazy.


it is wonderful to hear a comment from someone reading what i write. Thank you!


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