December 26, 2012

Arnav & Khushi's Love Story | Iss Pyar ko Kya Naam Doon

call me an idiot, but this is what i fell in love with. 
got hopelessly addicted to.
cannot drop it, even now. 
glad that it ended,  so i did not have to choose. 
yes, i am a dweeb, i can still point out the exact scenes and conversations and significant moments that this VM is made up of.
here is something I wrote as a eulogy

watched "the departed".
yes, i live under a rock, its been eons since the movie came out on tv.. but was captivated. the moves, reactions, countermoves, the thin slice of unreal connection so expertly woven.. and then wanted to hit something when the movie ended.. "seriously? i mean really? thats it? thats IT?? " "ugh why? why????? "

then i gave it a day to simmer. (i love the way leo acts) (i love matt damon, though he's not the chocolate boy anymore) (gosh that Jack Nicholson.. i'd marry a man like that!)

somehow, i'm glad i saw that movie..

and (here goes) this movie reminds me so much of IPK.

so special applause to the directors of IPK.. who melds, links and weaves all the threads.. the story, the acting, the editing, the screenplay, the sublime background music, the videography.. who gave us something worth watching.. something that had multiple layers of magic woven into something as simple as a hate-turned-love story.

for having the same pull as a movie.. for converting a movie person like me and hooking me onto a daily soap. for having something more with every rewatch.. for telling stories that unfolded through months.. always keeping me interested.. it was not only for the lead pair that i watched the story, though the lead pair is absolute eye candy in both looks and acting skill.. the story itself intrigued me.
me, who can rip through an M&B in one hour, was hooked to 8pm tv..
me, who never watched hindi dramas unless it was on youtube.. (flexitime access, finished story..)
me,who had no time between mommying and taxying and biwiying.. dropped everything and flabbergasted my family by plopping myself in front of the tv come 8 pm. my kids, who had never had a whiff of bollywood drama.. became pickled in arnav and khushi and hello hi bye bye.

my hubby, so used to the "take it or leave it" biwi, rolled his eyes for the first month. closed his eyes the second month.. started narrowing his eyes by the third( the swami drama had started by then)... his biwi had changed color. no amount of riffing or heckling seemed to work.. kiddos were singing rabba ve on the toilet... and trying out "swami" as an assault weapon. "whats happening in this house??!!"

thankfully, that mania has ended.
finally, God heard his prayers.
now no tv during the pm primetime. just like before.
peace in the house. just like before.
kids do homework. just like before.

thank you, 4lions, for dissing the show.
i did not know i owed you my sanity, until i regained it. 
thank you, barun sobti.
your quitting has indeed been a good thing.

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  1. So agree with your comment here!!!

    To the powers that be ... "Thank you for the end of IPKKND" as I was able to get my life back to near normal... :))

    Fan fictions are controlling my life now though!


it is wonderful to hear a comment from someone reading what i write. Thank you!


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