October 19, 2011

Consciously committing :The Body Warrior Pledge

Because I understand that my love and respect for my body are metaphors of my love and respect for my self and soul, I pledge to do the following:

To stop berating my body and to begin celebrating the vessel that I have been given. I will remember the amazing things my body has given me: the ability to experience the world with a breadth of senses, the ability to perceive and express love, the ability to comfort and soothe, and the ability to fight, provide, and care for humanity.

To understand that my body is an opportunity not a scapegoat.

To be the primary source of my confidence. I will not rely on or wait for others to define my worth.
To let envy dissipate and allow admiration to be a source of compassion by offering compliments to others.

To gently but firmly stand up for myself when someone says to me (or I say to myself) something harmful.

To change the inner-monologue in my head to one that sees possibility not problems, potential not shortcomings, blessings not imperfections.

To give my body the things that it needs to do its work well: plenty of water, ample movement, stretches, rest, and good nutrition, and to limit or eliminate the things that do not nurture my body.

To see exercise as a way to improve my internal health and strength instead of a way to fight or control my body.

To understand that my weight is not good or bad. It is just a number, and I am only good.

To love my body and my self today. I do not have to weigh ten pounds less, have longer hair, or to have my degree in my hand to have worth. I have worth just as I am, and I embrace that power.

To recognize my body’s strengths.

To no longer put off the things that I wish to experience because I am waiting to do them in a different body.

To understand that a body, just like a personality, is like a fingerprint: a wonderful embodiment of my uniqueness.

October 15, 2011

halloween free tutorials and printables

We do not celebrate halloween, yet I had to post a freebie.Go to Shery K Designs, to download some fantastic halloween printables!
  click on the images for details.

now, If you do not know about One Pretty Thing, you should.  for a wide array of halloween stuff from recipes to costumes to party ideas, check out this link

October 9, 2011

I was featured on sew mama sew!

It is 1 am. The house is in utter stillness except for the light of this computer. Not even a little mouse is stirring. I am succumbing to pinsomnia..(google it) when I think of my own blog. I update some stuff,  play with the layout, find my blogger stats.. Hey! I have a bigger audience than I expected.! ... from where? sew mama sew.. why? they featured my tutorial! wow. Happy Dance!!

hmm.. this happened way back in july, when I was in India and busy  visiting family. So I did not know about this  at all.

The SMS post is here.. full of pretty, summery tutorials. So glad to see my little chatterbox (barely learning to stand) in that list.  Big smile!

See my tutorial post here on burdastyle:

and here on my blog

October 7, 2011

Pinterest Love

I have been hearing about Pinterest  all around me,  so I finally registered there. The whole world changed! Now I do not have to bookmark all the cute tutorials I find.. No need to save images to multiple places on my hard drive,  no need to write up long notes to credit wherever I got the picture from.. This is a huge improvement on the type of surfing I do, so come check out my  Pinterest, and be amazed!

Want to know more about Pinterest? Check out this post from the Blog Stylist.

October 3, 2011

The robin's lesson for homemaking

" Our robin has been a keeper-at-home ever since those four bluish-green eggs demanded her attention. She has occasionally left, for a few minutes at a time, to procure food and drink, or to take a little exercise; but she has never forgotten her quiet abode, and the duties which there require her almost constant presence. She loves the green fields, the leafy trees, and the clear blue sky, and delights to hop about with her mate over the fresh grass and the clean gravel-walks; but better than all she loves those pretty eggs, which lie so cozily in the bottom of her straw-built nest.

Before she commenced house-keeping, she was very fond of travelling, and many a mile has she wandered, over hill and valley, in company with her friends. She assisted at concerts, and was universally admired; but she had the good sense to give up these enjoyments without a murmur, when higher claims called for her undivided care. Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well; and the robin will doubtless be repaid for the unwearied patience with which she performs her unostentatious duties. Some people are inclined to think domestic labour dishonourable, and the cares of house-keeping a burden; but our feathered friend is wiser than they. She does with her might what she finds to do, and she does it heartily. Every act of duty, faithfully and cheerfully performed, is acceptable to God; and his children do his will when they endeavour to attend to their various occupations in such a way as he can approve." --The Nest Among the Honeysuckles,

The full article here  .


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