February 28, 2011

the big conspiracy

1. get all the children( who need to learn the basics of homesteading) out to sit in one place for 10 hours a day, thereby rendering them incapable of anything else( except recreational sports, which serve no purpose for mother nature)

2. get most the young people( who need to work hard at the farms to make food for the family) to sit in one place and work for 10 hours, getting them unhealthy and scrambling for gyms to reclaim their muscle tone.

3. get all the  grownups(who should have years of experience in farming) to go to convenience shops and buy prepackaged goods , so they  have no need to think about farming..only about generating MONEY.

4.raise the value of MONEY so people spend their lifetimes trying to make more, go out of the farmlands-- go out of the country-- to make more.

5. leave the old aged ones with no one to share their life experiences with,( when to plant the papaya seeds, how deep to dig the pit to plant a banana tree... ) so the pertinent information gets lost between generations..(and the new gen has to dig far and wide and make another lifetime of trial and error , rather than learning from experience in your own house. )

can you see that i am writing this from an apartment complex  far away from my farm lands? or that i am so used to convenience stores that i cannot imagine going near a cow or a goat to get milk? or that bread is such a large part of my diet eventhough it was something my own father did not eat until he was 30 years old?

yes, now that i think about it, shipping and transporting goods to convenience stores is such a large industry .

life was much simpler and more difficult before they invented petroleum :D

February 21, 2011

the 20 minute dress

 A quick dress to get me outof thenon-sewing spell. very easy to make, just one  rectangle of fabric. with inspiration from this post about this  peasant top pattern by Enid Gilchrist. 
I made it longer, say what? dress! I cut out the neckline and inserted elastic there. Finished the sleeves without elastic. Shaped the body a bit, Sewed the side seam, then the hem. Done! max  20 minutes from start to finish.      Tied with a sash I had lying around. 
I pleated the neck-cutout and made a flower for her hair.
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image from http://inspiredbyenid.blogspot.com/2008/07/peasant-top-3-6yo.html

February 10, 2011

a blog rec - indianyarn

i came upon this site by accident.... but was blown away by the content. absolutely amazing, every indian should see this...  http://indianyarn.wordpress.com/

the details, the stories, ... i lost at least one hour of my day today flipping thru the pics.....(not lost.... gained a new perspective. ) greatly inspired.

February 8, 2011


A new neighbor.
A small help offered..
A box full of gracious yumminess in return.

thank you, lovely neighbor.

edited to add.. if youre looking for yummy cupcakes in doha, see this link for a list.

February 7, 2011


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