January 31, 2011

another free little girl dress pattern

this is a long sleeved dress that is so, SO CUTE  and so very easy. If my machine did not eat up knits, i'd have made one of these  for each of my girls. get the pattern and instructions over at The Train to Crazy.

January 26, 2011

about hair

I've cut my hair on a whim..when i was seated at the stylist's chair, i said "what do you think will look good?" uh oh. never ask your stylist that question.

now it is the shortest my hair has been in 20 years. I like it, though a certain significant other thinks that this hairstyle befits a schoolgirl. (that pic is me grading exam papers, so I'm still in school, though not  a schoolgirl....get it?).

my hair was long, really long  in school. i used to wear it in two plaits all the time. now that I have a girl of mine who loves long hair, I know what a wearisome job it is, to make two plaits in the morning,  battling the tangles and bedhead in the middle of morning rush.  (to make my work easier, I cut her hair, so now her hair is no longer "long enough to be plaited", to quote her teacher.)

I have to write down my thankfulness for my mom, who loved my hair and never wanted me to cut it, so would sit me down and plait it every morning in the middle of making breakfast and lunch and getting ready for work.

It was after my 16th birthday that i took her scissors and cut my hair.. just long enough for a ponytail. I don't remember what was mom's reaction....the fickle mind of my young self.

well, its only hair, right? hair grows.. so maybe by the time my mom sees me, my hair will be long enough.

January 17, 2011

a new sundress and some chitchat

I found a website with  step-by-step instructions to make sundresses like these.click on the picture to take you to the tutorial.

the site is riley blake designs, go check it out if  you'd like to make a pretty dress for a little girl.
there are other tutorials there, for quilts and accessories and much more.

in other news, i'm not a full time SAHM now. i have a part-time job, so less time to surf the net. this is good, because with less time to read, i hope to have more time to write.

January 12, 2011

Parenting is not instinct.

Parenting is not instinct. The new generation, following the TV culture blindly,   thinks that parenting should be instinctive. This is why young women go through such a steep learning curve with being a mother. In every other culture including european or american, before two generations (before feminism stuff), mothers raised multiple kids and little girls did all homemaking chores including taking care of younger siblings, and would get “on-the job-training” at home, even while going to school etc. during the day.

In today’s culture, not one child is taught how to be a future homemaker. I DO NOT mean full time stay at home mom.

Making a home while working… it takes a certain amount of work. it takes routines, it takes all familymembers sharing the chores, it means children should be raised to help the parents with the work, not be waited-on-hand-and-foot.

Even a toddler as small as one year old can be taught to fetch a mop when something spills.

Putting the toys back in the toy basket can be a five-minute game after every playtime.

Preschoolers can be taught to hang up their coat themselves.. if they have a knob they can reach. they can remove their shoes and put it in the shoe rack with no help…if they have been taught consistently to do it.

Teaching children these mini-tasks take a certain amount of patience.. but it will result in cutting down your work in the future.

These minor things are things a child should be taught at home, before setting out to face the world. instead, today’s women and men go to college without even knowing how to do laundry!

Do the future generation a favor….. teach them how to keep a home.

Raising kids is not just feeding them and taking care of them and making sure they dont cry… you should remember that one day they will raise a family too.

I found this in my  papers. I dont know if i wrote it myself or copied it from somewhere else. but this sentiment echoes mine, so i'm posting it anyway.

January 2, 2011

new year, new resolutions.

yes, original title, I know.  I thought I would make no new year resolutions this year, like always.  then i saw this post at magiaclchildhood and thought, yes,  want some changes in my life.

so here are my resolutions for 2011:
1. talk to the people I meet, not just smile and nod.
2. read aloud everyday (i've never picked up a book to read for amy! time to change that..)
3. spend more time in the sun.
4. be more consistent in blogging snippets of my life.
5. exercise everyday, even if it is a walk to the neighbor's house ;)

thats it..  only 5, because I want to do them, not just write them down.

now a picture of the girls, because its been a long time since i posted one.


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