November 5, 2010

super simple floormat tutorial

I have been thinking about washable floormats in my kitchen and bathrooms.  I browsed a lot of shops(saw nothing washable at the price range in my mind), saw a lot of online tutorials,

this one looked promising and pretty,

I thought  about it a lot, but did not make it. For one, i dont want my NEW fabric  made into a floormat. Another, I have neither batting  nor old towels on hand.

One day, someone was jumping on the bed and the old bedsheet couldnt take the strain. it ripped!  wow. now i have a kingsize torn bedsheet, (it goes into the ragbag). I used it to wipe water spilled on the floor one day, and i really liked the fabric on the kitchen floor. (now comes the tutorial....) so i folded the rag strip into a  rectangle that looked  about the right size, ( yeah, guesswork, just eyeball it...) this made 3 layers of fabric. I  pinned it in place with a dozen sewing pins, took it straight to the sewing machine, ran a zigzag all around the edge. Thats it! 5 minutes! Done!


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