March 23, 2010

where was I?

Busy with the random busy-ness of life. Logging in to show a set of dresses I made, from one meter of border print fabric. One Aline dress with zip for chinnu and and a flare dress with shoulder ties for amy.
without further ado, here they are:

and one pic just for the cute factor:
should I make an excuse that it is very difficult to go after them to get them to pose and smile? the truth is, i dont . So some dresses i made need to wait.. let me find a way to chase them down and take a few pics.

March 11, 2010

how to fabricshop with kids

i found this so-honest-its-hilarious post at ikatbag and could not let it go without sharing. because i currently have no one who would appreciate its mirth, i'm just reposting it in the web...

sometimes its these little things that make me remember that life is fun.


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