April 23, 2009

i'm done!

I did it, I did it, I DID IT! YEAH! (those who watch Dora the explorer will know this happy dance:)

the playquilt is done! I used an old fleece blanket as batting and self-bound the quilt. it looks so nice, and is 35"x35" finished.

I can't beleive that I made it!I'm so proud of this! Thank you, Kim, for posting such clear instuctions with photos. If it weren't for the photos, it would not have been as easy for me. .


i'm so glad i finished this before amy started walking;) I made it, but just barely. she can crawl now!

April 16, 2009


i know a lot of us do not have family with us for easter. this is one of the more painful moments when we acutely miss our loved ones.

luckily, we had our cousins to share and brighten our easter celebrations. it was a wonderful day, and we watched our weddingCD again.. that brought back so many memories, and we miss you guys, our farflung family, even more.

i'm finding that life with 3 kids is hard . managing and scheduling and feeding and schooling.. sometimes loving and listening and praying and playing are put on the backburner. sometimes i just wish i could take a day off and go somewhere..but then i'd miss them all day. life here now is such chaos that every day goes by in a blur. kids get bigger in the blink of an eyelid.

amy is blossoming, growing into her personality..loving, laughing, dancing, reaching, bouncing, crawling...yes! crawling! and she is adored by her big sisters.

chinnu's ashtma symptoms are under control with singulair, she has to have a chest CT scan this month. thankfully, she has started finishing what is on her plate..provided we feed it to her. well, someway is better than no way, right?

ponnu is under a lot of pressure..new school has a faster pace than her old school and to catch up, she has to study more. sitting in one place for that long is simply not possible here, one or the other little one will be in her books at all times. she comes after amma and appa to sit with her while she studies, amma is busy and appa is exhausted after work. i am wondering how to make two extra hours in her day, when she has to wake up at 530am , go to school at 630, come back at 3pm and sleep by 9pm. well, we will find a way.

one day, i will look back at these moments and say wow, we had it so good. but till then, everything is chaos.


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