March 30, 2009

new school

waiting for the "new" bus.

is that it? no. that doesn't look like a new bus.

the kids had vacation..

and thats why i got no sewing done!

amy 7 months

amy is learning to scoot backwards..i keep finding her stuck under the couch. she doesnt like it that her body is going backward when she wants to go forward!

March 13, 2009

March 12, 2009

quilt top progress

one border done, now i dont know what fabrics to use for the outer border..
prathe is making fun of me.. he says by the time i finish this quilt, amy will be up and walking! in my heart i think he's right. but dont tell him i said that!
amy has another cold again. it is tough living with two kids carrying in all the germs from school. ponnu and chinnu are finishing up this year, we are planning to transfer them to another school for next year. i had half a mind to pack up and go to india for a vacation, but the kids get only ten days leave. the logistics aint worth it. ponnu is totally against leaving the current school, she thinks she will have to learn evrything in first grade all over again. once we cleared that up, she did not want to lose her current friends..chinnu loved the new school when we went there to visit. she keeps asking "can i go there tomorrow? "
after a few sandstorms, the winter and cold have left for good. the days are hot, the nights warm. we are finally taking the comforter off our bed. i hope this weather stays for a couple of months..before it becomes scorching hot and we have to live with fulltime A/C .


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