January 27, 2009

all triangles made.. now press them, bulk towards darker side.
a sample pinwheel..hmm i like!
now i have to square up and sew...mumble grumble....would have been soo much easier if i had a rotary cutter and mat.. hmm let me think of alternate ways to get there without all that fuss.

a new day

at last! everyone's finished with the flu and out of the house. its just me and amy now, and amy is taking her nap..so time to bring out the sewing machine..expect updated fotos on the ycmt quilt soon. i'm just starting to make the triangles, then have to press, trim and square it up. fun!!! uh, lets see.

January 25, 2009

after the flu

everyone caught the flu.. appa, amma, ponnu, chinnu and amy. fever, cough, cold, wheezing, ER visits, antibiotics, antihistamines, antipyretics.. well, you get the idea. and so, the computer stayed off.

so did everything else but food and rest. and work for dear hubs, coz he has a deadline to finish 3 peoples' work..3 people who did not care about the deadline and submitted unfinished work one week prior for "finishing and polishing".. so he is spending days and nights trying to make some sense of each - on top of fever and chills and sinusitis.

amy's sitting well when propped up, but not that interested in rolling over. trying to sit up straight from the bed.

the three girls. one has fever, the other is wheezing, baby just got out of one whole week of flu. does not look like all that, right?

January 18, 2009

today i sat at the computer and browsed my favourite haunts..and guess what, i'm not the only one feeling blue! in fact trent at the simple dollar wrote a post with the exact same sentiment..a feeling of wanting to curl up somewhere and hide from the world. he went shopping, guess what i did?
i made this:
one new kurta top. yes, i know it is a fuzzy pic, i posted this picture so that you wont get to see the model in all her unwashed glory.
i dont remember the whole process - i was 'zoned in'. this is a knockoff of an old top i had, from which i traced the pattern for this new top. i wanted it longer, so i added 3 inches... the funny thing is, i had not prewashed the fabric (i never do) and the top shrunk in the wash. to the exact length of the 'original' top...God has a wicked sense of humour.
and by the way, the hem does not curve up in the middle. thats my tummy, that i am slowly gaining 4 months after the baby was born. that i plan to push back in by the time amy is one. so i did not give extra allowance in the center front of the top.
note to self: consider it a reminder..dont finish the chocolate cake all by myself..

ycmt quilt

my progress on the quilt.. all squares cut, matched, now to sew the patches.

January 17, 2009

totally sad today

today has been the bluest of all days for me. for one thing, i am stuck in the house, coz the baby is sick and i dont want to expose her to more cold weather, chinnu is wheezing again, prathe is still working on that office thing and totally out of the house..comes home to eat, then run off again. ponnu had a storytelling competition at sunday school and she told noah's story.. obviously with only 2 days planning. now i know that she isnt bilingual at all.. of course she can understand english and malayalam, but if you tell her to speak, it quickly becomes obvious that she has big gaps in the vocabulary of both languages. it doesnt help my mood any that i know i'm the reason for those gaps..if only i was more talkative, she would know more words. i totally miss having extended family around..

our cordless phone is broken, so i have to sit in one place to call someone. everyone knows how difficult that is with a sick amy and a sick chinnu and all the chores too. so i cant sit down to talk to anyone, and havent called anyone in almost 4 months..except home to india. life is becoming more lonely..thats my fault too..if only i had kept up contact with everyone...

feels like years went by after christmas..now its just me and the kids and nothing else..totally missing my dear hubs and his presence..these days its like "hi, chinnu is running a fever, bye". he will have his semester break soon..so there is light at the end of this tunnel.

no one writes to me..my inbox has nothing but newsletters..my old friends have new friends now. seems like todays the day for me to be sad.

amy's in a a growth spurt..so i'm totally 'touched out'...all moms will know what that means. i need a break. but i wont get any, because ponnu has a test tomorrow, chinnu needs me to hold her hand while she sleeps, tomorrow there is school so there's laundry to do, meals to plan, a whole house to clean.

well, tomorrow is a brand new day. hope this feeling gets better.

January 9, 2009

I've been following flylady's "babysteps" for a long while now, so when I saw a ycmt babysteps quiltalong, i had to join in. There are a lot of scraps from all the clothes I made for the girls, and new fabric is just sitting there because I dont have much time to sew with the kiddos competing for attention. Amy is just starting to roll over, and i want a playquilt for her , made from scraps of her big sisters' clothes. The first step seems super simple, so i'm sure i can make the time!

The 'one post a day' resolution is already broken, now i'm going for 'at least one post in a week'. Let me see if i can do that:)

Amy is in the middle of a nasty flu right now, so guys, we need prayers!

January 4, 2009

today is saturday. holiday for everyone in the house. things are finally winding down at 1 a.m. will try to get up earlier tomorrow. I hope amy cooperates...

new year celebrations

Happy new year!

well, skipped post on the 2nd. I was busy, tried to host a formal lunch for 5 people,(including us), and decided i wont try that again without proper backup. lunch was served at 3pm, and at least the victims said it tasted good :) now, a picture.
yeehaaa! amy rolled over! (from the blanket to the carpet) and did it continuously till she got tired of the whole thing and slept.

January 1, 2009

happy new year

new year..nothing new here.

making some resolutions..for the first time in my lfe.

1.blog everyday

2. think before i speak

well, those are the first two. we'll see.


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