September 20, 2008

lots of pictures to show, but no usb cord to get them to this pc. i'll upload them soon!

amy is 28 days old today.. time went by so fast. ponnu is still at tvm, chinnu looking a lot better and running around at kottayam, prathe working so hard in doha, and me, i am dreading going back to "work".

September 2, 2008

been resting at kottayam after amy's birth. she spends most of daytime sleeping,to make up for all the time she spends awake at night. fortunately, i dont have much to do except rest, so i get time to catch up on my sleep:)

chinnu has been completely given into the care of deepachechy, who takes care of kunjamma. so she is running around the house,helping to do all the work, cooking, cleaning, doing the laundry, and all the while talking and eating..really, she seems to have gained a kilo or two. daddy is worried about her wheezing, and she is still on medication, her condition seems to be improving too slowly. guys,we need prayers!

ponnu is with papa and mummy at tvm, where jullin mamma and kochu panju are still there.they will go on the 4th, then she will be alone with appacho and ammachi. its the first time ponnu is staying without appa and amma for such a long time, but i guess all the one-on-one time will be good for her before becoming chechi to 2 little ones.
restarting the blog with a happy news..

Amy(M-E) Treasa Joseph, born 22 august,2008

so,in order to show off the fotos, i will be posting more often.


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