April 9, 2008

chinnus first day of school

chinnu went to school, i sat at home with dread in my heart..

will she like it?

will she hate it?

will she be afraid?

will she miss her(sob!) amma?

i couldnt bear it.. so i went out, went to the supermarket, bought icecream, and ate it(he he).

then i tried to cook and clean and all that, waiting impatiently for my scared and crying baby to come home.

here comes the schoolbus!

I run to the bus, there comes ponnu, where is chinnu? did she fall asleep in the bus? the 'conductor' looks at me quizzically as i frantically look around the bus..where is she? there! she is....(pause for dramatic effect) playing with the driver! yeah, the same driver uncle that ponnu talks about so much..they have come to be such good friends on the first day itself.

and here she comes, skipping down the steps of the bus, her hair out of her ponytail, , looking like huckleberry finn..overlarge pinafore making her look so small and cute(hey, i can say that, i'm her mom), and says "amma, chinnu tiffin finish cheythu!" no tears, not homesick, just another day of school.

pinne, school visheshangal..

amme, avide oru big girl karayuvaarunnu, (hey, everyone looks big from her point of view)

amme, ma'm enikku blue color olla kunjuvavene thannu..
ponnus comment: "njan LKGil aarunnappam avide kunjuvava onnum illarunnallo."

amme chinnu snowwhite-ne varachu. gets a scrunched-up, rolled up paper from her bag."ammene kaanikkan vendi chinnunte ma'm thannu vittathaa. (picture includes 'snow white,' a boy figure and a flower.)

"chinnu, ithentha?"
" athoru bad boy-ya. "

and today, woke up, did everything, got ready and just went up into the bus without even a "bye".

ponnu yesterday went to dance class(in school itself, during class hours.. i dont know if thats a permanent thing or just for the first week of the year), and the teacher there taught everyone the classical "vandanam".

later, when appa asked her what she learned in that class:" malayalam dance"!

April 8, 2008

chinnu's off to school

awww my baby's off to school.........

she's too small for her uniform, and more than a little afraid, but she went like a trooper and did not cry either!

now to see if this bravado lasts till tomorrow.


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