March 26, 2008

ponnu graduated!

well, thats the diploma.

this is a performance, just a cute foto, no ponnu.

March 12, 2008

happy new year, everyone!

so sorry its the 12th of march, not exactly a good time for that greeting. . well, i was busy! not really. i was visiting some of the amazing blogs other ppl write. if you have time like i do, visit some of these:

ponnu and chinnu are now enjoying the return of warm weather, waiting to see if today the pool is warm enough to go swimming. ponnu is reeeally excited to be part of the "graduation day" song. (i send my kid to school, heave a sigh of relief, and whoa she's graduating next week!! i guess no parent had to do this so fast...(snicker)) and now, here, the next one is ready to go off to school already!

i am coughing my throat off , i am sick with "instant flu" one of those viruses that give you the full '"sardi, sar dard, badan dard" in 4 hours...and go to "sinusitis, bronchitis, pulmonery arthritis" (err, you get the drift) in the next 12 hours.

finally, to wind down this post, one good shot of ..
oh i loooove this pic.. makes me look so much better than i really am:)
of course, you all know the amazing guy who took this foto.
and that teeny head near the corner is chinnu.
have fun!


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