August 27, 2007

goa vacation

goa vacation.. good or bad? it was Wonderful..

it was rainy, so there was no hot sun to bother with,
it was off season, so there was no long q's at the restaurant to bother with,
it was in the middle of a field, so there were no vehicle sounds/smoke to bother with,
it was near the sea, so there was no packing the beach things to bother with,
the people were so friendly, the places are so green,
buffaloes and dogs and frogs and goats,
maruti omnis and picking shells on the beach..
old regal churches, chapels and crosses,
blue seas, soft waves, life's all peaches..

running in the rain, on a beach by the sea:)
its worth catching a cold just for that feeling free.

all of us were together, so watching kids was a breeze,
the restaurant was good, so the girls liked what they ate.

kids learned these few things from the trip:

for a cold to be gone, go swimming in the pool,
if another wave comes,
watch out! its gonna go in your nose.
(coz youre sitting in the water already:)

August 18, 2007


appa, nokkikke, meenondu!
we went to kottayam, and this is a thodu from near our tharavadu.

ponnu chinnu near some kutti vaazhas.. above the ktm house.

we'd gone out for a walk, and now the sun is shining after so many rainy days. at least it has washed away all the dust in the the trees are green again.

tvm-kottayam shuttling!

ive been trying to get some sewing done, but now that i have the sewing machine, i seem to have no time to do any! with this constant shuttling between tvm and ktm, there is no time to do anything other than meet the ppl and pack the bags.

next time, i'll be sure not to cross-book all the vacation time ..have to do some advance planning next year. anybody getting married next year? man, its tiring work, all this traveling. nextime anyone marries, make sure the guy is from across the wont lose half your vacation in transit!!
ponnu chinnu are growing more contrary every day. i think it is because i have started getting so short tempered where they are concerned.. hmm..............deep breath. sometimes i forget that they are just 2 and 5 yrs old..gosh, get me some long temper, mine's short!

kunju is getting married!

it seems such a short while ago that she was going off to college. now she is working 7days a week and cooking for herself.. sometimes it is so surprising that in the busyness of your own life, one forgets that other ppl's lives are moving on too.


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