July 19, 2007

kochu, panchu, ponnu, chinnu. all saying "THREE!!!"
this was before chinnus haircut., and the day before ponnu got fever.
now ponnu is sick, on antibiotics, but it is an ordinary fever, not the exotic ones making the rounds here.

papa's happy birthday cake..

sitting near a window, watching the rain..
sipping hot coffee, straight from the stove.
ponnu has a fever, chinnu is fine,
papa and mummy busy with us all.

July 12, 2007

ponnu is very busy coloring up reams of paper. i will send you a pic of her work pretty soon.

chinnu is growing thinner by the day, only thing that grows is the Hair . thats hair with a capital H, because five minutes after i comb it, it looks loke this.


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