June 14, 2007

hi guys, i made beef curry!! after umpteen failed (but still edible) batches of beef "curry", i finally made the exact taste. wwell, thats about all the news there is now, after the conjunctivitis is gone, we had planned to hit all the shopping spots(just to remember what all are there in the shops!) but now feeling all lazy and stay-at-home-ish.

so we plan to sit at home and watch some movies this weekend. we saw Guru last week, and thats the first movie i've seen where there is a happy dance with a sad song. good movie, though. as long as you dont think about the plot, you can keep watching with no effort.

ponnu is busy with a paint set we got her on her birthday. her artwork is getting better (obviously, this is the mom speaking) chinnu is after us to let her paint, too, but appa is very strict that you dont give paint to 2 year olds. (rolling my eyes here, but appreciating that i dont have to wash the walls and linens and every piece of furniture.)

we've been getting ready to india, but since the date seems so far away, no planning is going on. earlier, i had thought of coming home early because of the health situation at kottayam, but then ktm mummy told me "orumichu vannaa mathi, allenkil paavam avide ottaykk aayipoville!" ergo, i'm still here. the fact that we all caught conjunctivitis 2 days later also contributed to the decision.

some photos, as usual, will be posted separately. keep happy till then okay?


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