May 28, 2007

ponnus birthday

ponnu's birthday wa a quiet affair, with just the 4 of us, because chinnu got sore eyes from somewhere, and it got me, too. though we had planned a small party, we had to call all the ppl in the morning and cancel. ponnu was a bit disappointed at first, but then when all the birthday calls came, she was so happy that you guys all remembered your birthday. then we had a little cake-cutting ceremony and she dressed up and , well, it was a good day. by evening, she got the red eye too, so did not go to church. she's been enjoying the unexpected holiday at home with amma and chinnu , though she wishes she could just go to school in her color dress and give sweets to everyone. today we have to go see a doctor and get a leave certificate..anyway, here are some fotos
. all dressed up
posing with the cake
cutting the cake
eating the cake
chinnu and icing (hi ashiappa!)

May 15, 2007

papa mummy out at nite.. all other days, we forgot to take the camera!!

hey, i know i have been busy, but now comes the novellas..


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