April 23, 2007

chinnu with dreesed-up long hair

ponnu and chinnu playing in the sand outside.

two kiddos after the haircut.
chinnu in a basket
as you all know, papa and mummy are here in doha now. ponnu and chinnu are over the moon, panju and kochu are missing them a lot, prathe's team lost in the cricket tourney final.
papa has taken to walking looong distances in the name of seeing the place. he says he walks almost 5-6 km each, twice a day.today he wen to the fish market and brought ayala and njandu. mummy is getting used to the place, some days we go for evening walks around the compound . yesterday we went to see the swimming pool, prathe had a swim and said everything is thattikkoottu. the ladders into the pool are unstable already. not a big swimming pool(enough for laps,) just a round pool with a kiddie-depth attachment to the side. they have installed one play structure and 4 swings and called it a play park, but the kids are happy with it..they get to go out and run around and there are a lot of kids the same age there. this friday morning shirley chechi's daughter poornima is receiving first holy communion, so we all are going there. havent gone to ranimmantys place yet, she has a cold and we have no car.(the battery died yesterday morning, prathe will go to replace it today evening).
chinnu is talking nineteen to the dozen and twirling appacho around her little finger. ponnu just came from school. so this post is done...


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