March 12, 2007

Ponnu picking grass:
we went to a park here in doha, near the has been a long time since the kids went somewhere in daylight. they had a fun time, and the wind wasnt too cold either.

kevin feeding some goats..ponnu has half a mind, chinnu just scared.. kevin is sijoy's and shiji's son..we'd gone to a private zoo in the wild desert of shahaniya, quite far from doha.

the 3 of them outside a hotel from where we had lunch.. the kids had some rice, then they smiled at the waiters and got cupcakes in return...
nikki on a quad
kevin and chinnu on another..
the united colors of benetton.. appa thought this location will deliver a great foto..and it did.
.a long -time-due family foto

March 3, 2007

ponnu's school dance

this is my first post after the house shifting. not because i was that busy settling in, but because i was surfing the net and dint feel like typing anything.. that, and i was feeling a bit down and dint have anything that inspired me to write.

the new flat is much smaller than our old one, but still has 2bedrooms, an extra room and the hall. it is situated in a housing colony, so we have a common clubhouse and a traffic-free front lane. for the first time in doha, our kids have a chance to play outside. we are in the first building in our lane, and none of the other buildings are occupied, so it is a lot of space for the kids in our building. the floor is tile, not carpet, so my housecleaning schedule is greatly altered, i have to sweep much more often now ;) i now have a rough idea about how much dirt a carpet hides within plain sight. the kitchen is a dream, and not so far away from the rest of the house like in our previous houses, so i spend (relatively) more time there now.

nikki had a swell time at her annual day, she performed well and ran around for the rest of the time. we met the parents of some of her classmates, and her teacher (who is like the duracell bunny-energy personified- no wonder nikki loves her!). it was the school's very first annual day.

well, my muse just expired. will write more later, keep checking back , fotos may come..


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