February 5, 2007

feb 5

long time after the last post..in fact, i went one whole month without posting. not because of the unbearable busy-ness of a modern day housewife, but because of the superior tardiness of the said housewife:) in short, i'm too lazy to write, though i'm watching to see if anyone sends me mail unprompted.

ponnu and chinnu are doing fine, have not caught this month's cold yet. it will be soon, because the rains have started again. this year we're seeing abnormally high rainfall for a desert country. the kids have to just go to the park for one day to catch a cold. this month, we havent been outdoors that much, so the flu hasnt had time to find them.

ponnu has her annual day coming up, the teachers are trying to get the kindergarten kids to co-operate to get some sort of an act together. she has all sort of school visheshams when she gets home, how they went on stage and walked sideways, how they have to keep smiling till the end of the song, how to walk so that it looks like dancing.... in between these, she also has news on who was naughty in class today, who is "dosti" with her, who told her "katti", etc etc.

chinnu speaks waay more than ponnu and always has more visheshams about the school than ponnu herself. mostly it is the tail end of whatever ponnu just said, and ponnu will start teaching her the correct pronunciation and full sentences etc. when they are together, sometimes i have to go to another room to hear myself think.

we are in the middle of shifting house to a smaller house that is nearer to ponnu's school . those who have been here know how big our current house is, we're really using only half of it. the new house is much more compact, and hopefully much easier to clean. the new house is a flat, but it is in a compound and has a clubhouse and stuff like that, looks like it is safe to let the kids outside to play. we have 3 more indian families there,(for those who know, sijoy and family just moved there) and the 2 arabs in our floor are people prathe knows from office (says they are good people).

our current neighbors are very sad to see us go, they were very close to ponnu and chinnu. i'm sad to leave them too, they are really good people. how do you put a whole heart full of sadness into a sentence?

on a brighter note, doha being such a small place, the shifting itself is much easier. we trucked half of our furniture last weekend, everything else including breakables will go by car while we go there every evening to set things up. ponnu and chinnu are having a great time going to their puthiya veedu, playing there and coming back.

well, next post will be after we change our phone number and get the internet set up. happy life till then..


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