December 4, 2006

jothish chettai, jullin chechi, kochu and panju came to doha this weekend. together, we celebrated chinnus birthday (again!) with some family and friends . in the evening, we sat at home and watched the asian games opening ceremony on tv. we went out in hope of seeing the fireworks but it was too short a display, by the time we got there, it was over. the kiddos were quite upset that even after hurry hurry hurrying we did not see any, except from the car.

on saturday, we woke up early around 1030, had breakfast, got everyone ready, then, about 1200, we went to the Sports city and walked around, saw the khalifa stadium, the cauldron,the flame tower, went into the "Aspire" indoor stadium, watched indian team's dismal performance in the gymnastics, and generally had a good time. then went to ranimmanty's house, came back and had lunch, then jothish chettai went to the airport, while the kids ad their leisurely lunch.

sunday, prathe went to office, we all had rest, then our water got cut see, we have been having a rainy spell these past days..usually we have one rain per week for three weeks and it stops. these last days, it has been raining on and off since the start of the asian games, so water got into our (very old) pump, and it short circuited the whole house. well, better live witout water than electricity, so we shut off supply to the pump and reset power. then started ssearching for a plumber. in doha plumbers are in short supply. our building's plumber was out of the country on vacation, so we searched near and far for another one. one guy told us, we can send you some engineers if you want, but our plumbers are very busy!!

anyway, before we had to go to our neighbor to ask for water, God sent us a plumber. so today, we have water and power. now to think about what to make for breakfast, lunch and dinner....i'm totally at a loss here. help!!


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