October 29, 2006

eid vacation

The past week has been hectic . Both pratheesh and nikita had vacation, and so we set out to see the world around us. actually, we went to all the places we had to go- but dint go, because of ....(a thousand excuses).

on the first day of eid, we had the perunnal at our church, with a homemade- food festival and various games. pratheesh was in charge of the dart game stall, ponnu and chinnu were really impressed by the songs and dances of the sunday school kids. we had thattu dosa and later, kappa+beef made by the ward members.

on the second day morning, we went to an island some distance from doha.. it was a group trip planned by some members of the youth group at church, we all had a great time and came back tanned. even ponnu went in the sea, with lifejacket and all. the boat was a dhow, or traditional qatari boat, from QatarInternational Tours, with an a/c cabin ,bedrooms, in-boat food, etc, but ithe ambience is totally different from a kerala house boat because of the difference in scenery around it.

the chef prepared grilled chicken, kababs, grilled sausages while we went to the island, which is nothing more than a sand bar with a few desert plants growing here and there. there was a beautiful collection of shells washed up, though, and the water was deep and calm, almost no waves at the beach so everyone could wet their feet. the beach was riddled with sharp stones, so we had to keep the footwear on, and many of the guys got cuts on their feet because they dint have wettable shoes.

there were a lot of other people on the water, with jet skiing, para(chute) sailing, and simply sunbathing in their boats.. (we all spent a lot of time vaayi nokking) me and chinnu went around the beach collecting shells, now we have enough for the aquarium(which we will have someday...)

prathe and a friend collected neat rocks and big shells from underwater, and kept them in a garbage bag. unfortunately, someone threw it off as garbage...

after trawling the beach, we all came back and had a wonderful lunch, then simply drifted along the sea while various games like anthakshari and rummy were played. around 4 o clock, we came back ashore.

well, not bad for a picnic, right?

the Cetaaq kids party was later that evening , so ponnu and appa went there, she really enjoyed being with the older kids, there was a magic show, and general fooling around, while amma and chinnu slept away the effects of the sun.

from there, they went to diwali celebrations at the indian club, and ate nei roast and bullseye(dont ask me what combination that is, ask the guilty party!)

the next day , we went ot our neighbour's house, (the ones who kept giving prathe biryani every friday when he was alone, and whom we had neglected to greet on the occasion of eid..) and spent a lot of time there. ponnu managed to pull their whiteboard on top of herself, gaining a bad bruise on her knee which started swelling really fast and scared the nice ppl so much, but with our trusted "murivenna", the injury is just a memory now.

the next day, we spent at home, actually sleeping most of the time, waking up to eat and watch tv..in the evening, some friends from cetaaq called and organised a crab hunting trip, in a place called simaisma, where there are lots of crabs on the beach, just there for the picking. the philippini people eat a lot of crab, and this is a popular destination for them, and when they went there, after 3 days of eid, most of the crabs were already in other ppl's tummies. they did find enough to make the trip worthwhile, and we had crab curry the day after.

October 19, 2006

october 10

hello everybody, sorry i'm late with the mail..
ponnu caught a cold from the school, it turned into wheezing and the doc at the pediatric hosp: said it was asthma, treated it and it cleared.

chinnu caught the cold from ponnu, she got slight wheezing, fever and vomiting . Since we already had an appt with ponnu, took chinnu too. they gave her the same medications, without antibiotics b/c there was no infection.

well, after 3 days ther was no improvement, fever still going at 103'F , throwing up evrything including milk, and we took her to the hosp again, they gave her 6 doses of ventolin nebulization, and they said increase dosage (for those who understand, the doc prescribed ventolin inhaler 2 puffs every 2 hrs, zyrtec syrup 2ml/day ).

she defenitely looked worse the next day (the 5th day of fever) so we took her there again, and they were talking about admitting her and starting on steroids, considering this case to be asthma. we said no thanks, and went to a private (indian) doctor, who prescribed antibiotic(clarithromycin), cough syrup(fenoterol HBr), and Mucosolvan, and today she is better.

she has started drinking milk and eating some things, even if it is only one bite, it stays down. she is also much more alert and playful, thank God for that.

thanks to all of you who prayed for the kids, and all of you who didnt know, pray now.. they lost weight too. (i can hear the smirks....they were already weightless...)well, chinnu is now officially 8.5kg, all skin and bones. so pray for her to have a healthy appetite okay?

ponnu is now going to school like usual, today she learned the name of her school. if you ask her, she will recite like any LKG kid, "Do-ha-mo-dern-in-dian-school!" its kinda cute. she is trying very hard to write a capital M without any wavy lines.


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